2016 Fall/Winter German Study Abroad Award—Michael Cole Callen – Delta Phi Alpha

The recipient of the Fall/Winter German Study Abroad Award is Michael Cole Callen, who is currently a junior at Trinity University. Cole is studying German in conjunction with communication/media studies and he will use this scholarship towards his semester abroad at the IES Freiburg program. This program is an ideal fit for him because it allows him to study not only German language and culture courses, but also media and film in the German context. He plans to use the knowledge he gains to complete an undergraduate research project relating to his two areas of study. Congratulations, Cole, and have a wonderful experience in Freiburg!

Cole writes:

“I am very grateful to Delta Phi Alpha for presenting this award to me. I am honored to be recognized for my success in German Studies thus far and I know that this scholarship will greatly help me with my study abroad plans for Fall 2016 in Freiburg”