Delta Phi Alpha Inaugural Inductees: May 1929: Wofford College

wofford old german

Delta Phi Alpha, the National collegiate German Honorary Society, was founded in May of 1929 at Wofford College.  Since then, over 50,000 students have been inducted into the society that seeks to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship.

There are over 290 constituent chapters in the United States, representing strong, vibrant German programs with students who strive for excellence in the student of German language, literature, and culture. 

Perhaps you can be one of them?





In all started with an initial cohort of students in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Andrew Bennett
Carlisle Bethea
Francis Andres Troy
George Andrew Brown
Herman McDonald Felder Jr.
J. Luke Glennon
James Adburn Chiles
James Adburn Curtis Jr.
James Lee Gilstrap Jr.
James Leon Floyd
James Vernon Dubose
John M. Parham
John Olin Eidson
John Terry Poole
Joseph E. Hood
L. Clyde Harrelson
Marvin Alphens Diving
Reid Hood Montgomery
S. Albert Thomas Jr.
T. Cecil Bruce
Thomas Byran Thraikill
Thomas Fleming Wright
Thomas Walter Herbert
William Maurice Miller
William Raymond Bourne


Note: Thanks to Cathy Altmeyer at Washington & Jefferson College for her work in digitizing the archives.