2017 National German Award for Outstanding Senior—Claire Woodward – Delta Phi Alpha

Claire Woodward is this year’s recipient of the National German Award for Outstanding Senior. Claire has recently completed a double major in History and German at Brigham Young University and will continue on to the PhD Program at the University of Indiana – Bloomington this coming Fall. A dedicated and insightful student of the language, history and culture of Germany, Claire has already begun teaching German as a teaching assistant at Brigham Young University and at a primary school in Utah. In the classroom she hopes to inspire others with German as she was inspired herself. Her primary research interest lies in comparative approaches to nationalism of the early 20th century and its reemergence today. Congratulations, Claire, and best wishes for your continued studies!


Claire writes:

“I am very honored to be the recipient of the 2017 National Senior Award for Most Outstanding German Student in the United States. It is thus with much gratitude that I accept this grant to pursue a PhD in German Studies. I am thankful for the mentors I’ve had during my undergraduate years at BYU and look forward to my continued studies at Indiana University.”


About Delta Phi Alpha:

The National German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha, was founded in 1929 in order to recognize excellence in the study of German and to provide an incentive for higher scholarship. The Society aims to promote the study of the German language, literature and civilization and endeavors to emphasize those aspects of German life and culture which are of universal value and which contribute to humanity’s eternal search for peace and truth.

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