Form a New Chapter of Delta Phi Alpha

Accredited institutions of higher education in the United States are welcome to submit an application to form a new Chapter of Delta Phi Alpha.

Prerequisites: There must be evidence of an active, long-standing program in German with courses in German offered above the intermediate level. Institution and faculty must be of high caliber. The committee reviewing the application should be provided with the following kinds of supporting information:

  • Full, official mailing address (including USPS verified street address)
  • Indication of intended chapter advisor with email contact information
  • Strength of the German Program (General comments about the program and its strength, history, etc)
  • Catalog information including:
    • Information about a German major (if applicable)
    • Number of German courses
    • Subject areas of German courses
    • Faculty information
  • Number of graduates in German
  • German-related extra-curricular activities, e.g., Study abroad programs
  • Institutional support for German
  • Any other relevant information

Send the relevant information in a .pdf file to [email protected]

If the application is approved, a new chapter fee will be assessed. The fee is currently $75 and includes a chapter charter, DPA Branded pen, DPA Embossed Membership Journal, and DPA Branded table runner for display at initiations. Once the charter has been approved, new students may be initiated and  after two students have been initiated, the chapter is eligible to apply for funding and scholarships.

Article V of the Delta Phi Alpha Constitution discusses constituent chapters in more detail.

Article V — Constituent Chapters

Section 1. Colleges and universities whose academic standing warrants the maintenance of the standards of the Society shall apply to the National Secretary for a chapter charter and shall be admitted to constituent membership in the society by majority vote of the National Council.
Section 2. Procedure for the organization of constituent chapters shall be adopted and/or revised by the National Council.
Section 3. Each constituent chapter must have a faculty adviser. It may have its own constituent and/or by-laws for conducting the affairs of the chapter. This constitution and/or by-laws may raise, but not lower, the minimum requirements for membership as specified in Article VI.
Section 4. To remain in good standing a chapter must pay the national membership fees of its members together with incidental bills to the National Treasurer and have initiation of members at least once every two years.