Current Officers (2020-2021)

National President Sylvia Schmitz-Burgard

The College of the Holy Cross

[email protected]

National First Vice-President Deborah McGee Mifflin

Johns Hopkins University
[email protected]

National Second Vice-President Ulrike Malandro

University of Pittsburgh
[email protected]

 National Secretary-Treasurer Michael Shaughnessy
Washington and Jefferson College
60 South Lincoln St.
Washington, PA 15301
[email protected]

For questions regarding the status of shipments or other certificate-related questions, please contact Cathy Altmeyer. Washington & Jefferson College. [email protected]

Past DPA Presidents:
James A. Chiles (Wofford), 1937-1940.
Frank H. Reinsch (UCLA), 1940-1948.
Herbert Peisel (Syracuse) 1949 – 1953
Albert W. Holtzmann (Rutgers), 1954 – (?)
(Records mission. Please Contact with Updates)
Paul G. Krauss (Ohio University), 1967-1968
Herbert Reichert (UNC-Chapel Hill) 1968-1971
Elizabeth Bohning (University of Delaware) 1971-1975
Donald Allison (University of Nebraska), 1975-1977
(Records mission. Please Contact with Updates)
John F. Reynolds (Longwood), 1990-1993
Maurice Conner (University of Nebraska) 1994-1997
Michael Schultz (NYU), 1998-1999
Wolf von Schmidt (University of Utah), 2000-2003
John M. Jeep (Miami University of Ohio), 2004-2009
Ron Horwege (Sweet Briar College), 2010-2013
James Davidheiser (University of the South), 2014 – 2017
John LaLande (SUNY Oswego), 2018-2020
Brett Martz (Longwood University) 2020-2022
Sylvia Schmitz-Burgard (The College of the Holy Cross) 2022-