Future K-12 German Teacher Award

Future K-12 German Teacher Award– Deadline March 15th

Award Amount: $500 + student membership in the American Association of Teachers of German

This  award  is intended to recognize outstanding future K-12 teachers of German. Any Delta Phi Alpha member actively seeking certification to teach German at the K-12 level is eligible for the award.  This includes students in undergraduate or graduate programs.  The recipient must provide evidence that they are enrolled in a teacher certification program.

Applicants will submit their materials via a Google form for the Future K-12 German teacher.

The application has two sections:

1: The first section contains required information about the applicant.

2: The second section is where you upload your supporting documents.
a: a .pdf or .doc. An essay outlining why you intend to become a German teacher. No more than two pages and written in English.

b: A .pdf of your unofficial transcript(s)

c: A .pdf or .doc with your letter of acceptance of enrollment in a teacher certification program.


Applicants must have two people fill out the recommendation form, one of the recommenders must be a faculty member at the student’s institution.

The recommendation form can be completed here in the form for recommendations. It will take approximately 15 minutes. Students are responsible for ensuring that the recommendations are submitted by the deadline.

Questions can be sent to [email protected]


  • The deadline for applications is 11:59 pm (EST) on March 15th.
  • All materials including letters of recommendation must be received by the deadline date. Incomplete applications will not be considered for the award.
  • Awards will be announced in April.
  • Money and student membership will be disbursed shortly after the announcement is made.