Graduate Study in German Scholarship

Graduate Study in German Scholarship: Deadline March 15th

Award Amount: $1000

The Graduate Study Scholarship recognizes one graduating senior or early stage Graduate student (Entering 1st or second year) who demonstrated excellence in German Studies at the undergraduate level. Only Delta Phi Alpha members from active chapters are eligible for this scholarship. 

This award is intended for students who are entering the 1st or second year of a graduate program related to German Studies at a North American university.  The recipient must provide evidence that they have accepted an offer to begin an M.A. or Ph.D. program within the provided timeframe. The funds may be used by the recipient for any purpose related to graduate study.


Applicants will submit their materials via a Google form for the Graduate Study in German Scholarship (Deadline March 15).

The application has two sections:

1: The first section contains required information about the applicant.

2: The second section is where you upload your supporting documents.
a: a .pdf or .doc. An essay outlining how this graduate program fits into your educational and career goals and why you chose German Studies. No more than two pages and written in English.

b: A .pdf of your unofficial transcript(s)

c: A .pdf or .doc with your letter of acceptance of enrollment in the graduate program.


Applicants must have two people fill out the recommendation form, one of the recommenders must be a faculty member at the student’s institution.

The recommendation can be completed here in the Recommendation form. It will take approximately 15 minutes. Students are responsible for ensuring that the recommendations are submitted by the deadline.

Questions can be sent to [email protected]


  • The deadline for applications is  11:59 pm (EST) on March 15th.
  • Awards will be announced in April.
  • Money will typically be dispersed in the weeks prior to the beginning of the term of the graduate program.