Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is conferred at the recommendation of the faculty advisor and/or German Department of the institution which holds a constituent chapter membership in the Society.

Conferral occurs through the same process and with the same fees  as regular membership.

Honorary members are listed on the DPA web site.

Article VII of the Delta Phi Alpha Constitution discusses honorary membership in further detail.

Article VII — Honorary Members


Section 1. Any person with marked scholastic or cultural achievements and an interest in things German may be recommended for honorary membership by a chapter.
Section 2. Recommendations for honorary membership must have the approval of the faculty advisor and/or the German Department of the institution where the chapter is located and shall be submitted to the national Secretary for approval.
Section 3. Honorary members shall be entitled to receive membership certificates and their national membership fee shall be paid by the chapter which recommends them.
Section 4. The National Council may on its own initiative elect honorary members and issue them membership certificates waiving the membership fees.