New Member Initiation Process

Note: Initiation Orders can only be placed by authorized DPA Chapter Representatives or Department or Program Chairs. Individual DPA members can order honor cords, replacement pins and certificates here

Current Process for Initiation of New Members

1. Faculty Advisors Determine Eligibility at their local institution, conforming to national standards.
(Note: 1. Qualifications for new student members. 2. Qualifications for new Honorary Members)

2. Faculty Advisors send the names of qualified members to the national office electronically.  Students or chapters may also elect to order honor cords at this time. Students may order their own honor cords independently at any time.

(Please download the newest form directly from the website for each induction.) 

 Electronic Order form for Chapters: 2019-DPA-InitiationForm-Invoice

This form is dated as of the latest change and is valid post 2019. Hover over University Name entry and Payment method entry for a pull-down menu.  Look for arrow to the right of the box.

Email form directly to Payment is sent separately at a later date!

3. National Office mails certificates and cords to chapter advisor who conducts an induction at a pre-arranged time.

4. Payment is sent separately and at a later date based on the options you choose. 1. Check or Money Order (Important: Send one check or money order for the total of fees!. Student checks are not accepted 2. Credit Card through secure payment option. 3 ACH payment (Requires setup)

Fees for initiation through a chapter advisor:

Item Price
Membership  (regular or honorary-lifetime membership fee)Includes custom, embossed certificate and membership pin. $25 p.p.
Double Braided Honor Cord $10 p.p.
Supplementary DPA Honor Pin $5 p.p. (Note: All new initiates receive a membership pin)
Replacement Certificate $10
New Chapter Charter $25

Initiation times and dates are determined by the individual chapters. A copy of the “DPA Ritual” guidelines serves as a template for the initiation, but individual chapters determine their own details.

Chapter advisors may order the initiation kit including a flag, book, and pen in the online store. 

Chapter Initiation Kit


Individual DPA members can order honor cords, replacement pins and certificates here.

For questions: Email

Delta Phi Alpha C/O Washington & Jefferson College

60 South Lincoln St.

Washington, PA 15301